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Friday, January 8, 2010

Rock it!!

Gonna rock it, rock it, ROCK IT!!!

Haha, can you tell I am excited? I mean really, I should just go down to the nearest psychiatrist and book an appointment to get my head examined but instead, I'm going to go strap on my disco shoes and to the gym!

The disco shoes are indeed helping my foot issue, so that's a huge bonus considering I am going to give my best shot at 125km. Whether I finish or not, I am going to have a wicked good time, take awesome shots, and wreck my feet for sandals for the rest of the summer. GOOD TIMES! I'm glad Sabrina will be there with me, and I dearly hope once Claudia gets back from Florida or wherever she is today that she will join us on this new level of crazy. 'Cause really, this is INSANE.

Which is the street I live on, baby. Oh yeah!


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