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Monday, January 4, 2010

Analysis of an injury in the making

Am sitting at the crossroads, watching an injury form. I suppose there could be worse times for this to happen, oh let's say a few days before a race, but still am frustrated. Just started my half marathon training and am not keen on a minor sideline.

My new friend is a mouthful, metatarsalgia. Which for the billions of us who are not doctors, is pain in the balls of your feet, usually in the middle. Yay, I'm average! :D

There is no pain yet, however I am quite acutely aware of this area on my left foot for quite some time after a run. I'm still having it from my run 2 days ago, which got agitated I guess by the fast walk (I can't call that a run) yesterday. This metatarsalgia started developing around the beginning of last month, so now I am trying to figure out how to deal with my new injury friend and not piss it off so that I am incapable of running. The first answer I come up with is that I want a gait analysis. All good and well, since that was on my list of things to do anyways. It's booked. For January 26th. Gah!

So... what do I do until then? Looks like I can pick up some specialty gel products that will cushion my feeties. My shoes are still fairly new, only about 350-400km on them but perhaps I should look at new ones. No running on consecutive days for now. I also considered my running snow tires, but I still got the pain after a treadmill run so I think I can rule that one out. In any case, if these ideas end up being a giant fail bomb, I am not sure what direction to go while I wait for the magic of gait analysis. I don't want to stop running - I have many kilometres to add to my repertoire and... I kind of slacked a little over the holidays.

Such a pain! Ok, not yet but still... I don't want to be the sidelined one when my teammates are burning miles under their feet! Does that sound whiny? Because it sure does to me! :P Time to suck it up and find my new gel friends.


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