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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Pooped The Bed!

Not literally pooped the bed, but figuratively.  Today was supposed to be a 17km cycle day with strength training, but it has turned into my day of rest.  Which means that Sunday, which was supposed to be my rest day, will be an activity day.  

My stress level has been ridiculously high lately, and yesterday I think my managing skills were at a low point.  The tension in my upper body was vibrating, and my shoulders were starting to lock.  I was proactive and did what Brian Tracey suggests, “get the ugliest biggest baddest thing done first.”  Okay, that is obviously not a direct quote, since he is an eloquent speaker, but it was the gist of the matter.  It made a difference, and today I incorporated another gem, “just roll with the punches.”  I don’t know who came up with that, but when I arrived back home today I realized that I was short on time.  How could I get everything done that needs to be completed before I go to work.  My shoulders and neck started feeling tense, so instead I decided to just let it go.  

Will it be the end of the world if I take a moment to enjoy my lunch, finish my few errands, and relax before work?  It means I have to postpone my cycle until the following day.   Is that a disaster?  NO!!!!!!!!  Wow, that is an emphatic no, with all of those unnecessary exclamation marks.

Part of staying healthy includes the mental, spiritual,  and emotional, not just the physical.  If I want to be ready in all areas for any challenges thrown my direction, and for those challenges I choose to complete.



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