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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I'm Backkkkk.....

Ok so I have thought many times about posting and then got distracted, or wasn't at a place were I could add a picture to the blog. A week ago Friday I got a new running partner(dog, that's her over to the left), and really what would a post like that be with out a picture. She is turning into a great running partner.

ast week was packed full of running I finished the week with 42km under my belt, which is the most I have ever completed in a week, and made the 121km from all of Jan look like nothing.  Plus I ran 19km on Sunday which was great and another feet, because that's the longest I have ever run.  Which may explain why I was so keen about doing the Death Race, because I've never run anything more than 16km soooo, I don't know how much pain 125km will cause me.  No knowing is bliss.... I also added a 11km walk on to my Sunday to get the doggy some exercise she isn't up to 19km of running yet, plus I figure it's about time to start getting used to being on my feet for more and more time. That's a total of 30km on my feet in one day...ummm I was sore and tired after that, and I'm still 95km short ohhh, I starting to wonder how I will feel after Aug long weekend. 
Oh well that's all I got for today...I will have to post again soon oh and because I have my camera hooked up here are some more pictures.

We built a snowman after a run and a running partner added a hat for fun..

This is half of the people that show there bright shining faces on a cold yucky Sunday Morning run.  It's 8:30 people so back to bed...Oh wait then I would have no one to run with...WAKE UPPPPP!!!!!

This is me being respectful and using my colorful monekey mitten to smoosh the heads of the instructor telling his half marathon clinic what they are running, and my fellow group leader jumped into the picture to take his own picture as well.  Sorry Dave, but it's not my fault you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, I hope I didn't hurt you. 

That's all I got today.  Enjoy the pictures.