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Tuesday, December 29, 2009



Nope saying it a bunch of times still does not make it true. I still don’t like doing them, and today I’m not a big fan of Dr. Myles for making me do them GRRRR.  I’m trying really hard to come up with a mantra to say as I do my 150 lunges, because right now all I do is swear at my Chiropractor!  I have a great mantra for running hills that works really well, I repeat “nice ass!! Nice Ass!! NICE ASS”(it gets loader in my head as the hill gets harder) all the way up the hill and it sets my pace and takes my mind off the task at hand.  Unfortunately as I grunt, groan and struggle to complete all of the evil lunges I can’t seem to find a little saying that goes nicely with my pace.  One because at my pace it would be a whole paragraph,  and I’m not sure that could remember a whole paragraph 150times, and two for the most part after the first 100 I’m pretty much just trying not to cry, or fall over, mostly fall over I don’t normally cry in public.   I do know that it’s good for me and it will help my running, and cycling, but it HURTS DAMINT!! So that gives me the right to whine at least a little.  It’s not uncommon it for runners to have issues with there glutes not activating correctly, but it’s super important!!! Your glutes help control proper hip movement, and correct biomechanics that helps to prevent shin splints, knee problems, and other issues blah, blah.   For more info on Glute Activation here are a couple websites by people that are pros aka not me...

And this one has some great exercises that I’m not yet co-ordinated enough to try yet.  I mean I’m just getting used to staying up right as I lunge along, never mind adding in arm movements.   Heck in step classes I’m normally the one in the back that’s at least 10 steps behind everyone else, and I’m still not even close.

I’ve also added squats to my torture regime!!! Between those and me upping the cycling, my legs are SORE, which is satisfying because at least I know I’m literally working my ass off...ha ha. It should be interesting when I try to add running back in maybe tomorrow, we will see how my knee feels. It’s still a little sore, and with marathon training starting up soon I want to make sure it’s all healed.  On Sunday I went to the Running store I instruct my clinic at, for the group runs, it was fun to joke that I’m going straight to coffee (which many of us do after the run).  But coffee just didn’t taste the same L.  At least I had another injured friend there to keep me company.  J.  But after the run it feels like I just worked for my treat.  Oh, Running my love, how I miss thee.

I have discovered my new love though...Tropical Fruit flavoured Larabar...Oh my gawd they are soooooo good.  On top of the yummy flavour is the fact that there are 7 or so ingredients and I know what all of them are, there are all fruits or nuts.  They are high in calories, but right now I’m more concerned with eat healthy food, and staying full.  Like Pam I’ve been starving the past 3 days...So I’m worrying about filling my body with food of substance.   

PS The Monkey Hat my favorite running accessory on a cold day, and maybe one day I will post a picture with my hair as it is right now, blond, but by that time I may have changed it yet again...And maybe one day our profile picture will have all three of us...

Cheers Sabrina

Monday, December 28, 2009

A year for...."I haven't done this for at least 20 years!"

Hello peeps C-Simi is posting once again.

I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season, and that the wonderful times continue throughout the upcoming year.  I definitely enjoyed my days off, I spent my time at my folks place.  I slept in my nephew Aidan's bed for two nights.  The cutiepie let me use his brand new Star Wars blanket, that he got for Christmas, so I wouldn't be cold while I slept.  Yeah, he loves me :)
If you are wondering, I no longer have a bedroom at my folks house, but my nephews (their grandsons) have a bedroom.

On boxing day, one of my cousins hosted a skating party at their house.  Lucky for all Calgarians, the weather held out, and it was sunny and warm.  Warm for Calgary in December, when a Chinook has not blown into town.  I don't own any skates, and have not strapped up laces for 20 years.    So, I watched the festivities from the snow bank, and throughly enjoyed every moment.  My dad, was feeling well enough that he showed up for a few hours.  That was incredible, as his energy has been so low that he has slept 20 hours a day for the last few weeks.  While he is awake, he has been a veritable bear, and it has been stressful, heartbreaking, and worrisome.

I bailed on the gathering and went for a 8.42km run with Pammie, as I am committed to getting in shape for our Death Run and The Ride to Conquer Cancer.  The run was amazing.  I struggled for the first 5km, but while I struggled I knew that the benefits would outweigh the torture.  Our team after all is called No Guts No Glory For The Cure.  Very appropriate, as I am a terrible runner, I don't love running, and only started running on a whim.  I haven't cycled in almost 27 years, and obviously didn't miss it, or else I would have started up sooner.  But, what I do love is how it makes me feel, and knowing that I can help people struggling for their lives.

I digress, as the point of this post was to discuss how I beat another 20 year absence.  The absence involves skating.  The last time I went skating was 20 years ago, after I polished off a couple of beers, and then we walked to the Olympic Oval.  Which, lucky enough for me, is attached to the University of Calgary, where The Den was located.  It was our hangout after class or labs, depending on the day.  So today, I went skate shopping at Play It Again Sports in Westhills Towne Centre. I purchased a pair of Softec ice skates for ladies.  I took my nephews to the local rink and strapped on my brand new skates.

For the next hour I skated, laughed, and played a little hockey.  Of course I was terrified of falling and breaking my head, so I was wearing my helmet.  I have another skating date, with Aidan and Connor,  organized for Jan 03, 2010.  I wonder what the next "I haven't done that for at least 20 years," will be.  What do you think it will involve?