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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Change of Mind

Sabrina Checking in....Yesterday was a great indoor bike ride of 49km in 1hr 40min!!! Yahoo I added onto that my 150 Lunges and 50 Squats.  It was a great workout.  Today I'm a little sore, but I think it's a great feeling when you have worked hard enough to be sore.  I've noticed a shift in myself lately.  I know that our goals are achievable, granted they are a little ambitious, but I know that we can do it.  I've done many things in my life to get in shape, but I don't think I've ever had an attitude of "I'm going to do whatever it takes" It scares me a little to look at the days left till we are going to ride, and well there is even less time till I run my first marathon.  But instead of getting scared and running away I find myself looking for ways to make it possible.  Going to gym 4 days a week to ride a bike and putting in stength training as well.  I have even started to watch what I eat.  Not so much to count calories, even though I would like to lose 30 pounds, but I make sure that the food I'm putting in my body is good for me. I figure that I have to eat more, but it needs to be good for me.  Yesterday when I figured out I burned 1500 calories from my workout, the old me would have rewarded myself with something like chocolate cake, but I found myself craving fruit and peanut butter. MMMM I like this new outlook, and how much more energy it gives me!!! I'm excited to start my Marathon training on Tuesday...I know I won't be the fastest but I will finish the solid 6km with no problem, the 13km on Sunday I can do too, but it will be a stretch.  I have learned though that as soon as I past the 30min mark if I want to make it another 30min at full speed I better put something in my stomach.  Eating a little during my ride yesterday made a huge difference in my ability to continue and the speed I maintained.  Speaking of eating I think it's time for me to eat once again. 

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