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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Time to Get Serious

I look at Sabrina’s training and I am inspired, and worried.  My training doesn’t even begin to touch what she is accomplishing.

I finished a 7.87km run yesterday, followed by 15minutes of yoga for runners.  It was supposed to be a 6.43km run for the first run in my 1/2 marathon training, but I thought I would make it a little bit longer.  Last night I set my alarm clock, when it shrieked out an annoying noise this morning, I startled awake, my eyes felt like they were filled with sand.  I did not want to get out of bed.  So I fell out of bed, tossed on some clothes and headed out to the gym.

I completed a 16.85km run, my intention was to complete 20-22km, but my right knee began to hurt.  I incorporated a 40 minute skate this afternoon, on an outdoor pond at my folks house.  Handy, but the ice wasn’t very clean, so it was slow going.  Snow sprinkled on the ice, makes for a possible face plant, and injuries must be avoided at all costs.  I took this picture during today's adventure,  you can see the area where my sister shovelled away some of the snow, and that the paths still have some snow remaining on the trails.  

All in all, not to bad, but I haven’t incorporated strength training or started to watch what I eat.  As far as nutrition goes, not anymore than I have in the past.  I know the nutrition requirements are going to be different with all of this training than I have required in the past, so I purchased a book to help me out in that department.  It is written by Lance Armstrong’s coach, and so far it has been a fantastic read.  I will give it a review when I am finished.  I also picked up another book regarding nutrition for endurance athletes, another review will be forth coming when that is done.

Tomorrow I intend to run some errands, take my dog for a walk, run 7.5km, and take my nephews skating.  After I clean off the ice a bit more to make skating a little easier.    The shovelling will be a bit of a work out, and as far as I am concerned it all counts.   

So many things to do, and yet I am excited and look forward to the challenge.  

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