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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A look into my life...

Sabrina here giving you an insight into our lives, so that you know more about us and where we live. 

These are the type type of winter days I love, where everything is clean and crisp and the Mountains look beautiful in the distance.

This is when I don't like winter when you are stuck in traffic.  And yes Mom I took a picture well I was in the drivers seat, but as you can see everyone is stopped, because it's crappy winter driving.  I'm so glad I'm off this week and was only headed to the gym.  I saw 4 cars in the ditch and one cop car that ended up getting stuck in the snow, after they were done clearing an accident. 

Me with Santa, and my freind Ken.

Pam showing how to do a correct bridge pose, I believe her butt was sore for 4 days after.  Dr Myles was talking to my clinic that night.  I love to hate him.  But the lunges are helping my glutes huge, so I'm greatful.

Pam demoing a side lunge!!!! and Dr Myles laughing at her pain...
P.S. these were taken in warmer days, we aren't crazy enough to wear shorts in -17

Our Halloween run with the first clinic I instructed.  I'm in the front with a shower cap on my head.  it turned out to be the best suited for the weather, it was cold, with lots of slushy snow. BRRRRR.  I was so wet after this run.

Pam doing something, but I'm not sure what and Claudia focusing on what was being said by Dr Myles.

This is what you do when one of your best friends runs with you and it's her Birthday.  I miss Running with you Shannon, I can't wait till spring when you venture outside again. 

Me being taught how to shoot a gun, I felt tough that day.  I let those clay disc know who was boss!!!

And last one me falling to my death, well not really, I was just going down a really steep water slide.

Yesterday was my very first day of my MARATHON clinic.  I was a little scared, but then I decided to put on my big girl running shoes and get ready to train for a Big girl race!!! WOOT WOOT.  My very first Marathon I'm super excited!!! It was great to have some people in my clinic that I know, and that know I'm crazy.  Really it's never fun to hunt out new people that will sing with me.  After the run Ian and I broke into the tune of Pirates of the North Saskatchwen.  It's a truely interesting Canadian Song.

Warning it's Corny!!! But I get a kick out of it.

I also bought compression pants.  They feel cool I will find out today how they work during a run.  But I did learn something about them.  Because they are so tight I had a hard time putting them on, for women imagine, a super tight pair of nylons that you have to pull on to get up.  When I was taking them off I almost gave myself a black eye, they didn't want to come off my ankles, but when they did my arm flew back, and well I almost gave myself a black eye.  So warning to all those out there, be careful when getting undressed. lol

But my pirates song is playing in the background and that's all I can focus on. And it's Hev, Ho, Hi, Ho, Coming down the plains la la la
I'm off to torture others with my singing.  Sabrina


  1. you, my friend, are a whole lot of fun. can't wait to read and see what great stuff you and your buds get into. :)

  2. Thanks!!! I try to have fun in all I do...