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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Don't Think Just Run!

“Don’t Think, Just Run”
Sounds like a fabulous motto to me, however, it was actually advice that I received from the Running Injury Clinic (department of Kinesiology) at the University of Calgary.  I went for a GAIT Analysis, and that was one of the pieces of advice they gave me when reviewing my results.  It went something like this:
Don’t think, just run. You are structurally symmetrical, excellent biomechanics, flexible in all areas but one (left hip internal rotation), and you have a stride and cadence that runners try to attain.   So don’t think when you run, we don’t want you altering your biomechanics.
Well that sounds good to me!  Especially since I don’t think of myself as a runner, what are the chances that it should come naturally to me?
Before I lead you astray with all those glowing comments it wasn’t all sunshine and roses, or puppy dogs and rainbows.  Apparently, my hip area and hamstrings are weak.  The hip abductors (L & R), Hip external rotators (L & R), hip internal rotators (L & R), hip flexors (L & R), and my hamstrings (L & R) are all lacking in the strength department.  With 6 of the previously mentioned areas having the muscles inhibited.  

They gave me some exercises to do before I go to bed, and in time these areas will strengthen, this will make me a more efficient runner. 
Today as I hopped onto the treadmill to run my 12km I thought, “Don’t think, just run!”
And that my friends is my new motto.