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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Remember...

I remember my first day of my very first Learn to Run Training and how scary it was.  I remember how nothing in the world could be harder then running for a full 3mins and then repeating it 5 times. Then thinking "How the hell am I going to do a 4 whole mins next week???"  The first 3km seemed like it was so far away, and the the first 5km I did seemed like it was never going to end, but it did. My first 8km was a race, and half way through I though "Oh crap what was I thinking when I signed up", I pushed through it, with the help of some friends, and I pushed myself so hard, I puked when I crossed the finish line.  It was a crowning moment, and I was so proud have finished, puking at the end means I pushed myself as gross as it was.  Then I remember taking years off and having to start from scratch again, knowing that I could do it but it was still hard.  Then came the first 6km without doing 10's and 1's, wow that was hard!!! I remember the day 3km turned into an easy run, and then the day when I didn't warm up till 3km into the run.  Then 7km went from a long run, to an easy weeknight run, now 10k is the same.  Watching all the people I instructed learing to run, going through the same thing I went through when I started running, and realizing I'm not the only one that doubts what they are capable of.  I know that 90% of a marathon is mental, and it's got to be the same in an ultra-marathon, you just have longer to think about it.  I'm sure I will wonder at time if I can finish as I charter new distances, or struggle to push myself to go faster, but now I know I CAN . So for all the times some little voice inside said "I Can't" that little voice CAN shove it, because so many times I HAVE!!!

I know I'm not the only one that wonders if they can finish, but looking at how far we have come sure helps get through it. 

Cheers Sabrina

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gait analysis goodness

This is me trying out for the new Tron movie.

Needless to say, I didn't get the job.

But I did get to find out some rather neat stuff about my biomechanics, so it totally evens out i my favour!

Good news is that I don't run like a coked out monkey. That actually makes me a bit sad, I really enjoyed saying that and might just continue to do so. Apparently I have reasonably good biomechanics with the exception of my hips, and my left hip in particular. However I have been given an exercise regime over and above my regular one, and in theory I will have whipped my lazy ass hips (and glutes) into shape in about 6-8 weeks. SWEET.

I went down to the Running Injury Clinic at the U of C for this wizardry, and had a blast. The ladies there knew their stuff and even put up with my peanut gallery (a feat in itself some days!), although they did get their's with a bit o' punishment when we did some muscle strength tests. The picture is indicative of my favourite part, when they lit me up like a driver's nightmare and let me loose on the treadmill. If I can figure out how to convert it properly, I'll post my little skeleton legs running. I don't know who thinks of this stuff but at any rate I had a blast and would highly recommend it.

Now I must put away my shorts and dig out the winter stuff for a run. :D


Slacker alert!

Being a Canadian with a January birthday, anytime I can celebrate being in shorts & a tank, I'm over the moon. This year was the big 4 oh, so I did what any reasonable woman would do - drag my bestie off to DisneyWorld to hop a ride on Dumbo!

It was fantastic - the weather was accommodating and the Disney experience was hassle free. My only disappointment was the lack of fitness facilities which led to us only sneaking in one 4.5k run around the resort we stayed in. There was a 1.4 mile trail around a typical Floridian body of water... and that was it. So much for sticking to the training schedule. But rest is good, right?

However in terms of training, not all was lost. We did our first 'on the feet' of the training season - almost 11 hours of non-stop wandering. OK, so this is a terrible rationalization but in fairness, a slow meander for Claudia and I would probably pass for power walking to the casual observer.

There was also the fact I did score Sabrina a sweet hat for running.

Now I am back, somewhat on track, and about to go get hooked up to some computers for a 3D gait analysis. SUPER EXCITED! Which is kind of strange, since it's going to tell me that I run like a coked out monkey, but hey I'm an Aquarius and that kooky stuff is totally up my alley. :D