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Friday, January 22, 2010

King of Blog...or Queen

Just quick post, full of nothingness. I got in an 8km run last night.

Today I'm queen of this blog, free to wreck havoc and chaos on it!!! Because my partners in crime are off visiting Mickey Mouse, and getting me a fun hat to run in. Not that I would wreck havoc on the blog, but that's not the point.  The point is I'm FREE to do so.  Mwahahahah.  Also I should have pictures from my running group posted on Sunday, we have having a photo hunt on our long run, me being a picture fiend I'm in heaven.  Running and taking pictures of people doing funny things. YAHOO!!!! That's why I love running in my group, always something to keep it interesting. 

Oh and it's was Pam's Birthday yesterday!!! Happy Birthday. I already sang to her, and broke her eardrums I'm sure.

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back at it...

Sabrina Here...
I was going to post before my run but I'm glad I waited till after.  First off my Dad is doing ok, he came out of the Double Bypass surgery fine, and he finally finished his will.  YA!!!! That was a huge win for me.  Now it's just a matter of getting some answers from the doctors.

I haven't run since last Thursday I was going to try Sunday but I just napped and then ended up driving to see my parent on Monday and driving home Yesterday.  Now I know if I didn't before I'm addicted to running.  I was craving it worse than I have craved chocolate.  My legs could feel the freedom of being allowed to just be free and run.  I even dreamed about it last night, but unlike the craving for chocolate, which is never as good as I imagine it to be, my run was even better.  It first I was scared, it was my first night as a group leader, and the first time I've ever run 9km straight through, and the first time at a 7:08/km pace.  On top of it I was suppose to be in the front, not at the back which is easier. Oh crap Oh Crap Oh crap.  That was all that went throlugh my head for the first 4km.  At some point I realized that I was fine, and I was doing it, and hey this didn't feel so bad.  So much for worrying about if all these experienced runner were going to over take me and throw me out as a group leader, and that I would let them down.  I WAS DOING IT!!!! 9km straight through at an average pace of  7:01/km plus I even went back and picked up the back group and added another km but I did take a bit of a break there.  Woot Woot 10km tonight, what a great way to come back and run. 

Oh and I'm super proud another one of my clinic people that started with me at the learn to run level also joined the Half Marathon!!! Sorry I didn't get to do a little excited dance for you Sharlene, I was all caught up in my head, and next week Val starts her training.  I'm all giddy for them. 

Pam and Claudia are off in Disneyland or world, not sure I always get them confused.  But I hope they have a great time and bring back lots of pictures to post, and a fun hat for me to wear well running. 

Good Night or good whatever time of the day you are reading this, in my world it's sleep time.  zzzzzz Sabrina

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I fell down

Yesterday just wasn't my day.  I ate crap for breakfast, and then my Dad just decided to mention that on Monday he is going in for Bypass surgery, he said he didn't tell me sooner so I wouldn't worry. Crap!!! There is a whole lot of other stuff that goes with this situation I won't get into, but it's stressing me out.   Yesterday was definately my day to fall off the wagon.  I should have run out all the stress but my legs for still sore from all the running this week, so I went drinking.  Today I'm still off the wagon due to the headache and a hangover.  I now remember why I don't drink very much.  It was an ok night but it didn't solve anything.  So what lesson did I learn.  Well drinking doesn't help and had I run through my problems yesterday I would be feeling a lot better than I am today, still sore but better!!! At times like this I see how easy it would be to give in and quit, but then again anything worth it isn't always easy.  So I'm going to pick myself up after having my poor me day and hopefully be well enough later to still get in my 13km run today. 

For right now I'm heading back to bed for a nap.  Sabrina