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Friday, January 8, 2010

Death Bunnies LIVE!!!!

Sabrina Here...
So last night was a rollercoaster of up and down.  We found a complete team for the Death race, and a name Death Bunnies, and were so excited to go home and sign up, only to find out that it was full 7 days after the event opened of registration.  I felt bad one because on this blog we stated that we would be doing the Death Race, I told anyone that would listen, and because I really wanted too.  My friend Ben pointed out that we could sign up and do it solo, HA HA ya right I said, but then I thought about.  Really who finishes the Death Race the first time they do, and if I don't then I will always wonder what I could have done.  So this morning Pam and I signed up to do it Solo, but together, pushes eachother the whole way, and somewhere inside I think that it's the way it should be done.  Yes it would be cool to have a whole team, but this way we have eachother the whole step of the way. I'm going to train my heart out and make it as far as I can, but I'm not expecting to complete the whole 125km the first time, I finish my marathon training the beginning of May, so 3 months isn't enough to jump up to 125m from 42km.  But I will get my shirt and wear it proudly, knowing that I had the courage to try what so many people would never do.  Maybe I will crawl across the finish line and maybe I won't, but this way I will never wonder, "What if I tried"

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  1. Sorry that you weren't able to get in as a team, but congratulations on signing up as solo riders! That's fantastic!

    You guys should come out to my coach's indoor spin sessions. You'd have a blast, and riding the trainer with friends makes it so much better! Feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you guys are interested.