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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Beautiful day for a run, and seeing as it was such - I went! Thought I was in for a fantastic run - well fed, rested and eager to go. And so it was... for the first 6km. It was around this point that I had a serious case of dead legs, first I can recall. Heavy leaden things that didn't want to move. My quads had a serious case of the hates for me today. My glorious day was turning into hell.

Frustrated, I took a walking break. Then went back at it. Stopped again 4 minutes later. Took another break. Started running, made it for probably 5 minutes, and started a cycle of sorts. Boy was I MAD at myself. I've noticed this a few times in the past, but nothing as crazy as today. I got back into it again, and made it probably 6 minutes but at this point my mind was racing: What had I done to get myself in this position?

Crossing off sleep and training (I haven't pushed myself at all this week too hard), the only thing left was nutrition. Good thing I have just purchased a book on endurance nutrition! Now, that might not be it, but this a lead I intend to follow.

Something funny happened around this realization - I kept going. The dead legs seemed to resolve themselves and suddenly I'm back to running like there is no issue. What what? Awesome! Somewhere between distraction and just letting myself rest I found the energy necessary to keep going. I need to remember this and not get mad at myself for perceived failures. Which makes me wonder, why should taking a quick break be considered anything other than what it is? I still finished the run, and more importantly, I WENT for a run, instead of sitting on my bum.

Guess I need to work on my attitude as well as my nutrition. HAHA.


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