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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Stupid Sabrina Here...

Apparently running 15k in one day when you’re not used to more than 10k is a NO NO, especially when it’s slippery outside.  I managed to hurt my knee, which seemed like a bad thing.  After a talk with my Chiropractor I guess it’s not such a bad thing, it was more of a kick in the butt thing.  My glutes aren’t firing when I run, who would have thought glute fire, I’m still curious as to what they fire, but when I asked my Dr just shook his head.  He explained that how I run when my glutes aren’t working correctly, which trust me is funny looking, I didn’t know a man could swing his hips from side to side like that.   Other than looking funny, my form is reason my calves are getting so tight all the time and now my knee is hurting.  His cure sounds simple, only 150 lunges no weights, (WHAT 150 LUNGES!!!) then ice and compression on my knee.  I’m sure my DR. is a sick sadistic man, but I can’t be any better because I keep going back to see him. Right now I will do anything to make sure that I can keep running and cycling so what’s a few lunges, if that’s all it takes.  The kicker was if my butt didn’t hurt after I was done, I was to meet him at the gym, and he would find away that they would start to work properly!!!  I was scared, and as soon as I got in my car I had a talking to my glutes and let them know, they better work there ass off, they is no way I’m letting that man torture me at a gym, 15 mins in his office is enough, granted it always feels better after(and he is the only reason I have been running for a year), but in a gym where I know he would work to torture me, NOPE I didn’t want that at all!!! So home I headed home to be a good little patient(this is rare, normally I’m the world’s worst patient and argue, and do whatever I want).  My friend Shannon was a great sport and did them with me, she is the best!! Did the lunges hurt…Ummm YEAH!  It hurt so bad, and my knee was swollen again, by the end I was almost falling over sideways, and my quads were swearing at me loudly, OUCH!! But my butt wasn’t sore, AHHHHHH, I cried a little, and I was shaking from fear, oh no what will he do to me. I thought about lying, good idea RIGHT?? WRONG that would save me from the workout, but it wouldn’t help me in the long run.  I slowly came to terms with my fate, and wondered if I should book off Wednesday, because I’m not sure that I would be able to walk after the gym.  This morning I woke up and my butt hurt YAHOOO!!! I know that’s not normally a good thing, but today it made me so happy, I danced a little!!!  And my knee, is feeling a little better too!!! Maybe this listening to the doctor thing actually may work…well maybe only to the doctors that scare me…and my Chiropractor scares me!!! Yikes.

 I’m lucky to have a Dr. Myles that cares enough to do what it takes to keep me in the game. 

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