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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bad Start....

Today, I didn’t want to get out of bed…Not even a little bit! The only reason I went is because I was already awake, and at 4:30 in the morning there is nothing else to do, plus there was a bad song on the radio GRRRR.  I even tried to waste time this morning leaving the house, who really wants to go outside in -20.  Yikes!!! I whacked my head on the light fixture, in my tired daze @#$#$%.  There was nothing good on the radio on the way to the gym, which is how I judge if the day will go well or not, I switch between 6 stations and there was NOTHING!!!  I forgot my Water Bottle at home #$%@, forgot my work shoes (at least it’s jean day and I’m not wearing runners with a skirt suit), forgot music for spinning, and my Garmin didn’t work. I would have swore but it was more like “NOOOOO!!!! Please don’t die on me NOW!!!” it was almost complete with me dramatically falling to my knees, but I didn’t feel like scaring the people at the gym.  Dammit!!! I was sick and shocked my Garmin wouldn’t turn on, I pressed the power button about 100 times, I even shook it, how that would help I have no clue.  It wasn’t dead because I just finished charging it. My Garmin 305 that is about 30 days old didn’t turn on!!!!  In my head I ran though a Calendar trying to figure out when I bought it and if the in store warranty would still be valid, I can no longer imagine running without it, and having to send it away, then wait!!! It was a living nightmare.  It’s funny to me how attached I got to that device in such a short period.  It’s my running partner, it challenges me to go faster, and go farther.  It took me a long time to finally break down and buy it, but now the thought of running alone made me feel empty insideL.   It was happening at the worst possible time, I start Marathon Training Jan 5th and need to do 2 weeks of long runs alone, because I’m still running with my 5km clinic.  Without my Garmin how will I know how far or fast I’m going. AHHHHHH!!! Please pinch me and wake me up…..

Regardless I managed to get in a great 30min of riding, I’m sure I got my heart rate right up there, because I was sucking wind like I haven’t in a while.  I even did my 150 lunges today. Swearing at my Chiropractor the whole time #$@#.  My knee was a little sore from running last night, so I’m going to take 4-5 days off running.  I’m lucky to have great group leaders in my clinic, the fast and fearless Pam and Claudia, that are doing my Sunday run.  I’m going to hold down the fort and do coffee after though.  I know, hard work but someone has to do it…I'm also going to hunt for my camera charger and hopfully I get some pictures, heck I may even pose as a runner, even though I'm not running.  We need more pictures on our blog, and my Facebook always needs more pictures!!

Today has turned around quickly.  When I got to work someone bought me Coffee and mmmm donuts (one last one, because after Christmas I go back to eating healthy).  I Googled my Garmin not turning on, and found the answer!!! IT”S NOT BROKEN!!!   Pressing reset, mode and power all at once for 3sec and then stop and YEAH!!!!! On goes the Garmin!!! I giggled a little.  Note to self when I get home I will download the updated software to fix this problem. 

After proof reading this post all I could think about was the kids book Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day which made me laugh, I think I'm going to go out and buy that book today....

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