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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mixed Bag

Soooo much to say and so little time....Here are a bunch of little bits...

Tomorrow is my last day instructing a clinic. Part of me is excited that I will get to move on and focus on my goals, but part of me is sad that I won't get to see my group all the time :(.  I will miss instructing, and the people that I met from it.  I guess that means that I just have to do it again.  In Aug was my first Women's only- Learn to Run Clinic, and then a 5k Clinic.  Some ladies from the Women's only followed me in the 5k and we picked up some new friend for the 5k. All and all it was a great time, and I made some new friend.  Wow some of them even moved on and are in 10K clinic and even a Half marathon Clinic, I'm pretty sure when they were running 1min and walking 1min they didn't think a 5mins of running was possible let alone 21km. I know I was pretty sure in my Learn to Run that running for 3 WHOLE minutes was the hardest thing I ever did, and I had to do it 4 time, what the Hell.  It makes me proud to see, them stick to it!!! Way to go!!!

Time to move on to my training, I showed my training schedule to my roommate yesterday, he was shocked when he looked at it, and opened his eyes super wide and exclaimed that he knew I was crazy before and this little sheet of paper just confirmed that fact. I emailed the Evil Dr. Myles that is also a personal trainer, to see if he has time to put together a strength training program for me, I have the running schedule down.  I'm pretty sure he will, mostly because he likes to help people that are willing to do whatever it takes to get better.  Yes I know that, I would be dancing with the devil, because he likes to push you to work harder, and it will hurt, but that's a good hurt.  That hurt will make me run faster, run longer and make it less likely that I will get injured. Plus the strength training will force my lazy glutes, to get off the couch, and get to work!!!

Note on my glutes/thighs it appears that the cottage cheese is losing the battle on my thighs and has been retreating!!!! Death to Cottage Cheese on my thighs....

Today I didn't do my lunges like I should have, BAD me!!! I will do them after my 10km run, I may even sucker some people into joining my lunges MWhahahaha, I'm spread around the pain and misery.  But I did do some other interesting exercises, like a single leg deadlift. Seen here and a single leg balance reach seen here  They were cool exercises and based on how hard it was for me to hold my balance, I need to do more of them.  I didn't feel a huge burn, but gaining balance is always a good thing. 

Cheers Sabrina

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  1. Death to the cottage cheese... I love that!! I feel the same way :-)