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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Glutes are a pain in the ass

That's not my bum, so don't get excited. :P

First off my glutes are lazy buggers thanks to the modern sedentary lifestyle. So I try and do them a favour by exercising them and what do they do in return? NOTHING. Like some unemployed ex living off my good graces, they have the gall just to hang there and laugh at the rest of the muscles in the body for picking up their slack. Oh wait, that was a personal bitter moment. My bad.

I guess I am being a bit mean to my glutes, after all I can no longer grab a flabby handful like in that picture the way I used to. Not having a clear picture of the communication between my muscles, I like to envision my quads & hams threatening a rumble if they didn't start pulling their weight while I am doing weights. Or running. Or anything really. I've noticed an improvement of late, a soreness after a run and a some actual resistance when I do the poke test. Hawt!

Today's workout was probably the most shocking. No, the glutes didn't do me proud and suddenly go all applebutt on me, but I noticed them working - for an exercise I didn't know they were involved with. Fortunately I am at an all women's gym, so I didn't really feel much shame in covertly feeling my bum with wonder whilst doing some kind of back/ab thing. Yes, I am terrible with proper names for things and it's highly unlikely that I am going to change. At any rate I think this is the first time I've actually felt my glutes exerting themselves and quite frankly, I am a proud parent.

Gotta go to Staples and find me a pack of gold stars. It may not be an applebutt, but it'll be all glittery if it keeps this up!


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