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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Slacker alert!

Being a Canadian with a January birthday, anytime I can celebrate being in shorts & a tank, I'm over the moon. This year was the big 4 oh, so I did what any reasonable woman would do - drag my bestie off to DisneyWorld to hop a ride on Dumbo!

It was fantastic - the weather was accommodating and the Disney experience was hassle free. My only disappointment was the lack of fitness facilities which led to us only sneaking in one 4.5k run around the resort we stayed in. There was a 1.4 mile trail around a typical Floridian body of water... and that was it. So much for sticking to the training schedule. But rest is good, right?

However in terms of training, not all was lost. We did our first 'on the feet' of the training season - almost 11 hours of non-stop wandering. OK, so this is a terrible rationalization but in fairness, a slow meander for Claudia and I would probably pass for power walking to the casual observer.

There was also the fact I did score Sabrina a sweet hat for running.

Now I am back, somewhat on track, and about to go get hooked up to some computers for a 3D gait analysis. SUPER EXCITED! Which is kind of strange, since it's going to tell me that I run like a coked out monkey, but hey I'm an Aquarius and that kooky stuff is totally up my alley. :D



  1. Happy Birthday. Sounds like you had fun down in disney world! It was your birthday and you were on vacation! totally understandable that you didn't work out that much. And you probably walked more than you think!

  2. Happy 40th birthday Pam!! I just had mine earlier this month. I am still telling everyone that I am 34:) I would love to be wearing shorts and a tank top right now! Looks like you had fun!

  3. Thanks ladies! Indeed it was fantastic - really wish I could have brought that weather back with me :D