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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stampede Challenge 2010

Okay folks here is the serious part of training.  The day it took place was Sunday July 04, 2010 At 9:00am.  The location Mum and Dad’s yard, Stampede Breakfast.
The course was a 75 foot long inflatable obstacle course, rated for Adult weight.  After so many Stampede Breakfasts Clem became wise and stopped bringing the inflatables just for kids.  He was tired of seeing all of us adults on the children’s bouncy castles. Really, what adult isn’t going to act like a kid when given the opportunity?
I know I will!
We acted as all good grown ups should and let the kids take the course first, followed by breakfast and digesting.  Once that was finished we decided “GAME ON”  
The first up for the Challenge was Pam vs. Shanna.  Oh, what a sad sad moment, when Pam got her ass handed to her :0.  I don’t think her laughing throughout the course assisted her in any way, but never the less it was a bit sad.  So, it was then up to me to hand Pam another whopping.  Unfortunately for me, Pammie left me in the dust and my pathetic show on the course was noted by many.  Including my sister, Jackie, who yelled out, “you call yourself an athlete?”
Apparently not.
The pictures that follow are from the days festivities.
  1.   The Course
  2.   You can see Pam trying to make her way between the horizontal rows
  3.   Me finally making it down the 16 foot high slide
  4.   My nephew Connor and I in a competition.

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