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Monday, February 15, 2010

23km Conquered

Being a single girl I'm lucky enough to have quite a few great friends that get me out and about.  Now that I've added in the long distance running it has seriously cut into my Friday and Saturday nights out, because running even after 2 glasses of wine isn't pleasant when you are running for more than 20min.  The past couple of weeks I've started to miss the nights out, I'm not a big drinker but I feel like I need a night out to have wine and laugh with the girls and not think about the fact that I have to run or work in the morning.  Really isn't life about balance, plus I'm starting to feel like I live in my workout clothes and I need a reason to put on a dress, and look like a girl. 

On the upside Pam and I completed our very first 23km run!!!! YA US.  It's was a brisk Sunday morning, and the trees were painted white with frost so it was beautiful looking.  I wasn't so sure that I could do 23km but Dave brought us cookies, and chocolate to have at the half way mark so I had to go, and well it's better to run back then walk that far so I did it.  I love Sunday morning runs, but I love the coffee and snacks after even more.  Add in friends and laughs, and I wonder how I ever started a Sunday any other way.  I have surpassed a Half Marathon distance and I've never even done one.  I'v almost run 1/5 of the distance I will be doing in Aug. 

On the block this week I start my new job Wednesday, and tomorrow I get my blood drained for all sorts of tests, to makes sure I'm healthy and working properly. 

Oh and I've lost 11.5lbs.  This marathon training is doing me good. 

Cheers Sabrina


  1. As a fellow single lady, I feel your pain. I am not a big drinking but running does effect my social life. Luckily...or friends really don't go out very much so I have no excuse not to go to bed early on friday night before my saturday long run.
    great job on you 23k! CONGRATS on loosing weight! AMAZING

  2. 23k? Geez Louise. I'm impressed. I'll definitely be back as I'm just barely learning to run.

  3. I'm not telling you how to go out and not drink, but my favorite marathon training drink was sparkling lemon seltzer (calorie free) splashed into cranberry juice (I prefer light, but- what ever)... it looks like a "REAL drink", It tastes like a "REAL drink", and I can still run the next day... and, cheers on the 11.5 pounds!

    Also - I'm signed up for at TRI now!!! SO. I'm going to have to get out and ride my bike, that is sadly neglected. I hope you don't mind that I stalk your blog a little to get some "riding to death" inspiration.